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Personalised Wireless Powerbanks

Personalised Wireless Powerbanks are the future when it comes to charging your phone. They combine both a powerbank and wireless charger into one. Making them the perfect gift for a tech lover or even a little treat for yourself!

So gone are the days when you needed a wire to charge your phone. Gone are the times you ran out of battery when at a festival. Gone are the minute you sent looking for your phone wire. As these new powerbanks allow you to wirelessly charge your phone no matter where you are!

To charge a phone all you have to do is ensure the powerbank has enough charge. Then turn the device on and place a Qi-enabled phone onto the Personalised Wireless Powerbanks. Wireless charging really is that simple. No matter where you are, and you can provide your phone with up to two full wireless chargers!

We currently have 3 wireless powerbanks to choose from. All of which you are able to add your own name or message to. So why not add your name so it doesn’t get stolen by a sibling. Or add a motivational; message and gift the product to a friend. no matter what you choose, our personaliser allows you to view just what the products will look like before you even add them to your basket!

This range consists of bamboo powerbanks, which are great eco-friendly alternatives to other versions. Or a super stylish personalised metallic wireless powerbank that is available in several metallic colours.